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WordPress Font Resizer

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Font Resizer

Font-Resizer is premium WordPress plug-in that gives your visitors the ability to resize font size in your blog. Font-Resizer can remember your font settings and is fully customizable. It can integrate in any part/place in your WordPress blog. For more information, check the FAQ

ps: It’s important to note that Font-Resizer requires HTML and CSS knowledge if you are looking to position it without using the widget.

What this plug-in does?

  • Let users modify the font size
  • Remember the user font size using cookies
  • Can integrate in any part/place of your blog
  • Can resize one or more elements font size
  • Fully customizable font resizing ticker (with CSS and JavaScript)

Why use?

Font Resizer is a nice add-on for your blog. When users can’t read your text, they usually press Ctrl++ to zoom. But this ends up breaking your whole theme and sometimes pushing text beyond the screen limits. Font Resizer solves this issue by providing a simple way to enlarge and reduce font size for your text.

Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plugin

Mega Menu Amazing CapabilitiesMega Menu Awesome DropdownsMega Menu Unlimited Colors600+ Google FontsMega Menu 1600+ Icons PackMega Menu Friendly Support

Awesome responsive menu plugin. Features: icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations, custom color scheme, fully customizable. You can place any content in dropdowns: links, text, images, widgets and shortcodes. Custom dropdowns so easy with “Mega Main Menu”.


Amazing Capabilities. Sticky menu, icons, awesome dropdowns, logo and search – may be present in one menu. These capabilities will look great on any website.

Unlimited Colors Variations. You can easy change color for any menu element. You can use flat colors, gradients and background images. That help you customize menu for colors used on your website.

Dropdowns: 10+ combinations. Customise dropdown so easy with Mega Main Menu. You can place any content in dropdowns: menu links, text, images, widgets and shortcodes.

1600+ Vector Icons. Use 1600+ icons in your menu and website. Vector icons are sharp graphics which will look great on any devices with any resolution.

600+ Google Fonts. You can choose from more that 600 google fonts for your menu. Change font very easy from your admin dashboard.

Friendly Support. Our support very friendly. We usually come back to you in less than 24 hours. Our support staff would be happy to help you solve any issues and listens to your wishes.