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Advert Flap Pro – WordPress

Ad Flap Pro is an animated advert for WordPress sites. It is one of the most effective ways to get your message or advert out to people on your website, without being too intrusive. It animates in initially so that users notice it, and then waits to be clicked. The user can close it at any time to remove it from the screen.

It’s perfect for special offers, cookie notices, important news, new productsetc.

It couldn’t be easier to set up a new advert – Just pick your style, enter your text, and check the built in previewer. Once you’re happy, choose the pages you want it to show or hide on and click publish. As simple as that!

It works on all modern browsers (including iPads and iPhones), and falls back to the non-animated box in older browsers.

WeePie Cookie Allow – EU Cookie Law Compliance Plugin

We’re still working hard on the final version (2.2.7), we hope to submit for approval this week (week 30). We’re working hard on the final tests and fixing the last issues.

The release takes longer than expected, because we’re working on implementing anew feature in this version:

Automatic wrapper function for blocking YouTube and/or Vimeo cookies in posts and pages. With this functionality it will be possible to add our cookie allow shortcode automatically to your existing and future YouTube and/or Vimeo video’s.

Kind regards,

Vincent and Mariëtte


Short description

An advanced and flexible cookie law implementation plugin for WordPress which makes it possible to comply with the cookie law. Choose your way of cookie consent. Comply with i.a. the EU, UK, Dutch and Italian cookie law.

  • Shortcode for blocking cookies (in addition to our ‘Cookie allow wrapper function’)
  • Start placing cookies after clicking on the ‘accept’ button and/or after start using the website (clicking/scrolling).

    On a visitors 1st visit, then only the necessary and functional cookies will be placed (according to the EU cookie law).