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Contact Form Pop-up

Contact Form Pop-up is a WordPress Plugin script designed to add an AJAX contact form to your wordpress website.

Updated! Version 1.5 out with new features. See below for the list.
REMEMBER! If you like the product, please rate it 5 stars via the page you download it from. Thanks!

How does it work?

A small tab with ‘Contact Us’ (or whatever label you write) appears on every page in the bottom right (or left, your choice!) of the web visitors screen (View screenshot here). When clicked, a contact form will slide up and allow the visitor to contact you with ease (View screenshot here). It also includes links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages! The contact form is AJAX powered.

Features include:

  • Contact Form pops up/slides up when clicked
  • Admin settings screen to configure options
  • Can position bottom right or bottom left
  • Server & client side form validation
  • Message sent to your email
  • Social networking links
  • Configurable border color
  • Configurable label text

New in 1.5:

  • Mailchimp subscription checkbox support
  • Simple human math test to prevent spam

Feature missing? Let me know if you need another feature added and I’ll see what I can do about adding it!

Storage for Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Storage plugin stores copies of all Contact Form 7 submissions (including attachments) in your WordPress database. All form entries and leads will be stored safely even if your e-mail goes down or e-mail messages go missing or get deleted.

New in 1.4.3: Add form field names as column headers in the CSV export.

This plugin is developed and maintained by Kaspars Dambis who is a WordPress core contributor and professional WordPress consultant since 2007.


All form submissions are stored in the WordPress backend in addition to being sent via e-mail. E-mail delivery is never 100% reliable and having a backup of all contact entries will ensure you never miss a lead or inquiry.

List of all contact form submissions

Export form submissions as CSV. Export all submissions or use the date and form filters to select which entries you want to export. Export also includes links to entry attachments.

CSV export of Contact Form 7 entries

Each entry also stores the following details about the submission:

  • Time and date of the entry.
  • E-mail address of the contact form recipient.
  • Subject line of the e-mail that was sent to the contact form recipient.
  • All attachments uploaded to the contact form.
  • Post or page URL where the contact form was submitted (referrer).
  • IP address, browser and device information (user-agent) of the submission.
  • Link to the setup page of the contact form that was used for submission.

Single contact form submission


  1. Select “Plugins > Add New” from the main menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select the “Upload” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select the cf7-storage.zip file for the upload and click “Upload”.
  4. Be sure to activate the plugin once it has been uploaded.


This plugin adds a new section called “Entries” under the “Contact” menu in the WordPress dashboard which lists all of the contact form submissions in a reverse chronological order. Quick preview of each entry to avoid extra clicks.

Dropdown selectors at the top of the list provide filtering and sorting of the contact form entries by the contact form used for submission and the date of submission.

Export entries as CSV by using the “Export as CSV” button at the top of the submission list. Use the dropdown filters or the bulk action dropdown selector to select which submissions to export.

Free form text search is also available for finding a specific entry.

Reference entry ID and entry URL in the e-mails that get sent to the admin:

  • [storage_entry_id] is replaced with a unique entry ID such as 3212, and
  • [storage_entry_url] generates a link to the entry in the backend accessible only to registered users.

Please note that Contact Form 7 doesn’t support wrapping variables in square brackets [] such as [[storage_entry_id]]. Please use another set of characters (for example {} or ()).

Automatic Updates

Install the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin to enable automatic updates of this plugin right from your WordPress dashboard. Don’t forget to specify your API key and CodeCanyon username in the “Envato Toolkit” settings page.


  • Requires at least: WordPress 3.2
  • Tested up to: WordPress 4.0

DHVC Form : WordPress Form for Visual Composer

Powerful form manager for Visual Composer allows you to create and manage form very easily. Literally within minutes you can build complex forms as Booking form or just a simple Contact form or Login/Register form form with drag and drop form element without touching a single line of code.

With plugin, you can customize your WordPress wp-login.php, it allows you can build WP login/register page. See demo: http://sitesao.com/dhvcform/wp-admin


  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Conditional Logic
  • Easy custom form element templates
  • 100% responsive and mobile ready
  • Unlimited colors
  • Easy to use user interface
  • View submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin
  • Send submitted form data via email
  • Support export form submissions to .CSV file.
  • Autoreply email
  • Support for TLS, and custom ports for SMTP email method
  • Support customize the email body for notifications.
  • AJAX form – Form validation
  • Custom form action
  • Support create Login, Register, Lost password Form
  • No form resubmission
  • Display form with shortcode
  • Display form with popup
  • Support reCaptcha 2
  • Support myMail Newsletters with field name ‘firstname’, ‘lastname’ and ‘email’
  • Support MailPoet Newsletters
  • Support Mailchimp Subscribe form, demo:http://sitesao.com/dhvcform/newsletter/
  • and much more…

Drag and Drop Form Element


17+ Form Elements


Conditional Logic


Unlimited colors


Work with any theme


ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms is premium wordpress form builder plugin with inbuilt support of multiple email marketing system integration facility. It has support of 7 autoresponder systems which are Aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, Icontact, Constant contact, Ebizac, GVO.

Form Generator – WordPress Form Builder

Form Generator is a fast and powerful form plugin for your WordPress that enables you to easily create the most elegant forms in less than a minute.

Create contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys or event registrations for your WordPress and get instant notifications by e-mail.

Super easy to use

  • Easy drag and drop interface to create your forms in seconds
  • Get a real-time preview of your forms. What you see in the form builder is what you get.
  • You won’t have to code anything
  • Your forms will work right out of the box
  • You can duplicate any form in one click

Custom branding with your own form design

  • Create forms that will match your website identity instantly
  • Get complete control on the form and fields design
  • Custom colors : a color picker is available for every elements in your contact form
  • Custom typography
  • Custom text size
  • Custom field labels
  • Custom input fields : color, font size, width, border color, border width… and much more
  • Custom submit button : background color, font size, color, border color… and much more

Instant email notifications

  • You will receive a copy of the submitted form data in your inbox instantly
  • You can send the notification to multiple recipients
  • You can add recipients to the notification message inside CC and BCC fields
  • SMTP sending is available

Personalized email notifications

  • You can customize the subject and body of the admin notification message with the values of the form
  • The email address of your visitor will automatically appear in the From field of the admin notification message
  • You can customize the name that will appear in the From field of the user notification message

Personalized autoresponders and delivery receipts

  • You can send a personalized welcome message to your visitors when they submit your form
  • You can customize the title of the autoresponder message
  • You can customize the text of the autoresponder message
  • You can customize the subject and body of the autoresponder message with the values from the form

Easy file uploads with progress bar

  • Your visitors can upload files on your server
  • You can receive uploads as email attchments
  • Secure file size control is available
  • Secure file type control is available
  • A file download link is available in the notification message

Custom validation and error message

  • You can set your own validation message that will be displayed when the form is successfully submitted
  • You can set your own error messages when an error is found in the form (example: “invalid email address”)
  • You can set up the messages displayed in the form in your own language
  • You can customize the font and color of the validation message

Easily build event registration forms and booking forms

  • Datepicker available in 34 languages
  • 8 date formats available

Strong spam protection to ensure the message is sent by a person

  • Protect your form with a captcha field
  • You can customize the content of the captcha field
  • You can customize the length of the captcha field

Custom submit button with your own colors and design

  • Create beautiful rollover effects on the submit button of your form
  • Customize the text that appears in the submit button
  • You can change the background color, the font and the width of the button

Complete visual form builder

  • Publish your form with just a few clicks
  • Customize your entire design
  • Move, resize, rescale, crop, group and re-shape any element of your form
  • Really easy to work with

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form

NKS: WordPress Contact Form Plugin Review

Ninja Kick: WordPress Contact Form is a premium plugin that uses different approach for contact forms: it adds hidden form with push/sliding revealing animation on every page of your site. For example you can make menu item ‘Contact Me’ open contact form on the same page impoving user experience (Guide).

Plugin uses modern CSS3 transitions, has layout responsive to screen size changes, works well on mobile devices and reacts on swipe gestures. Please, give a try to how it works and looks on WordPress Contact Form Live Demo Page. Kick your site!


If you’re looking for more universal WordPress solution of sliding panel with same off-canvas effect take a look at another plugin from series — Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel for WordPress.

WordPress Contact Form features:

NKS: WordPress Contact Form features

FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder

Updating FormCraft to 2.0

If you are updating your FormCraft plugin from a previous version to FormCraft 2.0, it is very important that you read this.


The download package does include the documentation, but I have also prepared acomprehensive online documentation.

Illustrative List of Features

  • Amazing new fields (smiley rating, star rating, thumb rating, sliders, range, date …)
  • Over 23 fields, in all
  • Retina-optimized images for fields
  • Responsive forms
  • AJAX-powered form interface. Send forms without re-loading the page
  • Form validation
  • Auto-save form data for the end-user
  • Conditional laws to show or hide fields, set email recipients, set redirection path
  • File uploader with support for multiple files
  • Embed maps, videos and other widgets
  • Export and Import forms across different installations of FormCraft
  • Free online form template gallery
  • Form analytics in WordPress
  • Different ways to show forms (popup, slide up, fly in, widget)
  • Drag and drop, GUI form builder
  • Get all submissions in your inbox
  • Search through all submissions content
  • Access all submissions and uploaded files from the WordPress admin
  • Create multi-column layouts with the click of a button
  • Get all submissions in your inbox, with attachments for uploaded files
  • Customize email body for notification
  • Send auto-responders
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Compressed form data
  • Dedicated form page

Quform – WordPress Form Builder

WordPress has a new best friend. Quform.

If you use WordPress, require custom forms and don’t like wasting time or simply don’t want to touch any code then this is the must have tool for you.

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms with total control. If it’s a complex quote or booking form or just a simple contact form, Quform will allow you to do this without touching any code. In a few clicks you will have a fully functional form. It’s that simple.


BBQ – Restaurant WordPress Theme

BBQ features:

  • Fully responsive design.
  • Pick your own fonts from 500+, including google fonts.
  • Color picker for easy accent customization. (Unlimited color schemes)
  • Responsive slider for home page and food menu items.
  • Two nice menu card templates.
  • Stunning contact template design.
  • Several widgetized areas.
  • Custom post types for food menu, home info boxes and feedback.
  • Nice Blog layout.
  • Custom widgets: Opening hours, Feedback (testimonials), Twitter, Flickr and more.
  • Theme options for full theme control.
  • Built-in contact form in contact template.

Self – A Powerful vCard Theme w/Resume Builder


  • Build your own resume page using our powerful Resume Builder
  • Includes the Envira Gallery for creating beautiful portfolio pages, a $99 value.


  • Totally responsive. Works on desktop, tablets and mobile phones
  • Drag & drop resume building with Resume Builder
  • Build some awesome portfolio galleries with Envira Gallery (included)
  • Change the colors, font and styling in seconds (over 50 color options!)
  • Custom Widgets and a big admin panel for customizations
  • Import a prebuilt style (or export your own)
  • Layered homepage PSD for more detailed customization (linked in readme.txt file)
  • Extensive Documentation: http://docs.boxystudio.com/category/52-self-two