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Stacker – Responsive WordPress Theme

We present you the amazing updates of the new version 3.0!

  • Many under the hood optimizations
  • Soundcloud widget support
  • New Soundcloud shortcode
  • Updated Vimeo Shortcode
  • Responsive videos
  • Fixed Header link
  • WordPress 3.6 support
  • Integrated plugin initialization check (prevents javascript errors)
  • New Theme Icon
  • Fixed device-width error
  • Fixed link post-format
  • Added new sound cloud post format
  • Plugins updated to newer versions
    • Flexslider updated to version 2.2
    • Photoswipe updated to version 3.0.5

Theme Features

  • Working Ajax contact form with inline validation.
  • Photoswipe and flexslider
  • 5 Page templates
  • Footer widget area
  • Custom mobile navigation
  • Theme Options (More to come)
  • CSS3 buttons and many other features
  • Post formats for blog and portfolio
  • Optional plugin to control theme options, while your desktop theme is active
  • Retina display ready!
  • Support for every mobile resolution/platform
  • Fully Responsive – just resize it!
  • Liquid Design
  • Valid Code
  • Over 11 shortcodes
  • Many icons to choose from

Resans – Mobile and Tablet | WordPress Retina

Thank you for visiting Resans

Resans is highly advanced WordPress theme. It’s based on many plugins which provides excellent sight. Resans comes with 50$ worth plugins. Provides such abilities such as infinite scrolling, page preloading, loading animations and highly advanced administration panel.

Resans is fully responsive, retina ready WordPress template. You may use it alongside your desktop template and set it up with Resans AP. There’s online help guide to tell you basics (here) or ticket support. Thank you once again to taking your time to visit this amazing theme.


Many people have already purchased Resans for WordPress and I hear almost every day thankful notes, I can already tell that Resans is highly popular theme. Here is some responses from you, dear customers who are sending me emails and “thank you” tickets. Thank you so much!

  • “Best mobile template of themeforest!”
  • “Many thanks for your time and help, Luke! Very much appreciated, as always.”
  • This is my favorite .. “Thank you SO much, this is exactly what I was looking for, and sorry it turned out to be something so trivial in the end. I owe you many beers when you are next over my side of the world!”
  • “I’m just browsing via Resans AP and there’s so much options…”
  • “Thanks for the great theme. I was looking for something that mimicked the mobile look and feel, and resans is the perfect match.”
  • “First of all congratulations for this great theme!”
  • “Hi Luke, Love the theme”
  • “Great theme and great support – it’s really flexible, so much can be done with it! Thanks for implementing those features.”
  • “Just bought this theme yesterday and its by far the best designed mobile WordPress theme! Great UI and Design.”
  • “First of all i love your theme! i think it is the best mobile theme here available.”

Full list of features

    • Amazing blog
    • Masonry blog posts
    • Responsive listing
    • Will work alongside your desktop theme
    • Custom blog post template
    • Infinite scrolling
    • Animated loading of new pages
    • Supports swipe gestues
    • 5 Page afterload animations (Slide Left, Slide Right, Fall Down, Rise from Bottom and Fade In
    • Preloader on every page
    • Mobile only / fully responsive layout
    • Tracking code integration
    • Custom CSS
    • Custom JavaScript
    • Logo uploader
    • Favicon uploader
    • 13 Background patterns
    • Custom background image uploader
    • Unlimited colors for header background
    • Unlimited colors for content background
    • Unlimited colors for footer background
    • Unlimited colors for menu background
    • Unlimited font colors
    • 6 Basic fonts
    • Custom footer text
    • Menu builder
    • 743 Amazing icons for free use
    • Social media integrations
    • Unlimited colors for social media icons
    • Options backup utility
    • Custom number of post per page
    • Show/hide meta data on every page/post
    • Show/hide comments
    • Theme guide here
    • Ticket support
    • Responsive layout
    • Astonishing design by lukepostulka

Do you like images used in my template? How about support amazing author (Sounas Design) by buying some? Thank you so much!

Provocateur° Mobile WordPress Theme

Provocateur° is template build in jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 developed for mobile devices. Optimized for Apple devices.

Main Features:

  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Fully customizable main page
  • Easy and user-friendly options
  • Automatic installation
  • Simple documentation

Widgets for Main Page & 404 Page:

  • Portfolio widget
  • Custom menus with link descriptions in 2 variations


  • Accordion
  • Portfolio widget
  • Contact Form
  • Tags
  • Youtube
  • Custom menus with link descriptions in 2 variations

jQuery Features:

  • Unique slide down menu with icons
  • FlexSlider
  • Email, twitter, facebook sharing options
  • QR-code sharing option

Under Hood:

  • Lazyload content loading
  • Changing page flip animation
  • Preloader
  • Email, twitter, facebook sharing options
  • QR-code sharing option
  • Translation ready

BRAVE – A dark, clean, fully responsive WP theme

BRAVE: Quality paired with support to die for

Beautifully dark, minimal and 100% responsive, the goal with BRAVE remains the same as it was with our previous WordPress mobile and tablet themes: keep it simple.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a single unnecessary pixel that would get between your visitor and your content. In fact, we aimed for your content to effortlessly be a big part of the actual design; as soon as you visit the demo site, you’ll no doubt immediately notice the focus on bold headlines and other well-placed content items.

Do read through this entire page and visit the demo site to become familiar with all the theme has to offer, but for now here’s a short list of more notable features.

  • works alongside your desktop site
  • ready for localization
  • ‘install as web app’ on iOS
  • beautifully unique menu, comment/contact forms
  • touch/swipe gallery
  • multiple color schemes
  • a variety of extremely customizable shortcodes
  • comprehensive documentation

Breathe – WordPress

Wordpress Version Relesed

Heavily themed jQuery Mobile based template which suits the best for your blog or portfolio page and it’s easy customizable via Theme Options.


  • 6 Main Themes which are easy customizable through Theme Options
  • 6 transition animations
  • Tutorial on how to switch from desktop to mobile template included.
  • Footer widget area
  • over 15 Shortcodes (Including vimeo, youtube)
  • WordPress 3.0 menus support
  • Footer widget area
  • Video post format support
  • Easy to customize through Theme Options
  • Share buttons for social networks
  • Over 10 Social icons to choose from.
  • Easy to configure working contact form
  • Plugin for managing theme options
  • Based on jQuery Mobile – support for almost every mobile browser
  • Liquid Layout
  • Valid code

TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme

‘Touch’ is the 4th in a series of mobile WordPress themes from Bonfire Themes and is intended for use on smartphone and/or tablet devices. Set it up as a secondary theme and display it only to mobile visitors, or set up a brand new WordPress installation; the choice is yours.

‘Touch’ may look light and airy but, as can be seen on the features list below, comes with plenty of features in tow and can be used for many purposes; set up a straightforward blog, an optional static front page, a touch gesture-enabled gallery, or even a portfolio. Also included is a utterly unique comment form along with a validation-enabled contact form, plus sliders, shortcodes, ‘install as web app’ functionality and so on, and so on.

You’ll always have our promise of excellent support which is something we’re massively proud of. But instead of taking our word for it, please see below for just a taste of the praise those who’ve purchased this theme have kindly sent our way:

Now – Extensive WP Theme For Bloggers & Developers


  • Fully functional Contact form with inline validation
  • 400 Different Color Combinations & Unlimited with custom color picker
  • Optimized for new iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone
  • 7 Different Post formats (Soundcloud support)
  • Over 16 Fully customizable shortcodes
  • Compatible with desktop themes using device switcher plugin
  • Rich Theme Options
  • Touch gestures support (just swipe from left to right to open the menu)
  • All images optimized for the best performance & speed

HERO: A No-Nonsense Mobile WordPressTheme

Hi there and thanks for your interest in HERO! This theme is designed to be super simple to use, yet provide loads of functionality. Do visit the live preview and read through this page to get a more comprehensive overview of what the theme has to offer, but here are just a few quick highlights:

  • works alongside your desktop site
  • ready for localization
  • ‘install as web app’ on iOS
  • beautifully unique menu, comment/contact forms
  • touch/swipe gallery
  • multiple color schemes
  • a variety of extremely customizable shortcodes
  • comprehensive documentation
  • ..scroll down to find out much more!

HERO is a fully responsive theme and has been tested on several browsers across multiple operating systems and devices. So whether your site is visited from a tablet or smartphone, you can rest assured your content will be accessible quickly and easily.

As a part of the theme’s default functionality, HERO can be installed on your iOS device as a web app. Upon arriving on your site, a handy prompt alerts your visitor to add the site to their Home Screen, meaning your site will be just a single tap away.

You can also add your own custom icons and splash screens that the web app will make use of, as illustrated by the included default images below:

HERO comes with a customized version of PhotoSwipe, the popular touch-enabled gallery system, which integrates absolutely seamlessly with WordPress. Let your visitors swipe, pinch and zoom their way through your images!

Monolith – WP theme for bloggers and professionals

Monolith is perhaps Bonfire Themes’ most expressive mobile theme to date. With in-your-face imagery, the theme is an immediate standout from the crowd and is especially suitable for anyone looking to present their content, products and/or services through memorable and strong visuals.

As is the case with all our previous themes, Monolith too can be used for many purposes; whether you’re a straight-up blogger, need to show off your work, and/or advertise your services, Monolith can be a trusty partner that can be used as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress installation or set up as the main theme on a brand new installation.

Also included is a uniquely ‘swappable’ comment form, a validation-enabled contact form, highly customizable shortcodes, etc. For a more comprehensive list of features, please see below:

Vibrant: A Super Sharp WordPress Mobile Theme

Hi there and thank you for having a look at Vibrant, the 8th mobile WordPress theme from Bonfire Themes.

Vibrant is super clean, light and was built with minimalism in mind. That said, the theme’s stand-out elements like the unique menu display, comment form and per-post/page custom header colors ensure it doesn’t look generic and is immediately memorable to the user.

Vibrant can also serve many purposes. Use it for a simple blog, a mobile home for your business, to show off your portfolio, etc. It can also be used as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress installation or set up as the main theme on a brand new installation. You can even use it for a full-blown desktop site if you so choose.