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Sortable Video Embed WordPress Plugin

  • Responsive Design Fully responsive design and optimized for small screen device such as iPhone, iPad.
  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo,, Viddler, Kickstarter Videos
  • Translation Ready All our products are translation ready using Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.
  • Create multiple Video Pages
  • Sortable Isotope Thumbnails
  • Creates Video Custom Post Type
  • Loads Video Without Reloading the Page
  • Easy To Setup
  • Regular Product Updates Video plugin is kept up to date with the latest WordPress versions View Changelog
  • Customer Support Provided through external support system at with queries answered within 48 hours Mon – Fri. Support covers setup, product features, and bug fixes.

Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin

What is Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin?

Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin is a fully responsive media 3D coverflow wordpress plugin that allows you to display media content with an unique original layout from a 3D perspective. It’s perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great impact on their visitors. It runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android and Windows 8. Also supports unlimited categories and each category can have any number of thumbnails.

Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin main features:

Responsive / Fluid layout with autoscale function.

Mobile and desktop optimized (Ipad demo here!).

Scroll and swipe functions for the desktop and mobile devices.

Mouse Wheel support – navigation with mouse wheel scrolling.

Keyboard support – the left and right arrows can be used for navigation through the thumbnails.

Optional Categories Menu.

Support for unlimited categories and each category can have any number of thumbnails.

The option to start at a specific category.

Customizable thumbnails size and topology geometry.

Customizable description text for the center thumbnail.

Customizable controls – each button and scrollbar component can be changed.

Customizable reflection for the thumbnails.

Custom action for the thumbnail click.

Optional and customizable Shadow Box Gradient for the thumbnails.

Powerful API included.

You can include multiple instances on the same page.

Slideshow Autoplay.

Responsive / Fluid layout for the coverflow Lightbox.

Image lightbox support.

Iframe lightbox support.

Vimeo and YouTube lightbox support.

Zoom and panning support for lightbox images.

Optional lightbox slideshow button, time and autoplay.

Customizable border and background for the lightbox.

Lightbox keyboard support – the left and right arrows can be used for navigation.

Three skins included along with the preset configurations.

Admin panel video tutorial demo:

Click here to see the admin panel video tutorial demo.

Special notes:

The thumbnail’s image width and height will be equal to the thumbnail width and height values minus the thumbnail border size value.

The coverflow also has a setting to limit the maximum number of thumbnails only on mobile devices, separately from the pc, for performance reasons. This is an optional feature it can be disabled but we advice to leave it active because it will increase the performance on mobile devices.

The skin is constructed from png files.

Flare – Responsive Lightbox WordPress Plugin

The pixelentity team is once again proud to bring you our new product: Flare – a responsive, touch enabled, mobile optimized lightbox WordPress plugin, which can be used to display single images/videos or entire galleries with caption support.

Features At A Glance

Click To View The Admin Demo Video

WordPress Features

  • automatically opens all image links with flare (optional)
  • automatically opens all YouTube/Vimeo links with flare (optional)
  • integrates with native WP gallery
  • shortcode builder using the new WP 3.5 Media Dialog

Image/Video Navigation via:

  • UI buttons
  • Swipe gestures
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Keyboard arrows


  • Use hardware acceleration on CSS transforms
  • Fallbacks to standard jQuery animation in older browers

Media Support:

  • Images
  • Fullscreen/Boxed YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Automatically retrieves cover image.

Caption Support:

  • optional per image title
  • optional per image description
  • autohide when showing thumbnails (gallery)

Gallery Support:

  • Side to side scrolling or Zoom + optional black and white transition
  • Scrolling thumbnails
  • Mixed media
  • Mixed scale modes


  • Supports multiple galleries in the same page
  • Supports hidden gallery contents
  • Comprehensive browser based documentation
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support


This lightbox is designed to be used on responsive websites, as such on mobile devices the plugin requires that the meta viewport user zoom parameter be set to “user-scalable=0”. On desktops/laptop resolution this plugin supports non-responsive websites use also.

Responsive HTML5 Music Player For WordPress

Responsive HTML5 audio player for wordpress. Using admin create unlimitednumber of playlists and players. Playlists can be mixed with any kind of music type (mp3, podcast, soundcloud etc…) Using shortcodes place multiple instances of audio player in post, page, sidebar or theme. Shortcode generator in post/page edit area (shortcodes for including player and player API available).

Multiple players in page supported!

Quick usage (getting the player in the post)
1. Create playlist
2. Create player
3. In post edit area use Shortcode Creator to generate player shortcode
(click the image to see quick demo)

Note: Volume cannot be adjusted with javascript on mobile IOS. This is a restriction from Apple. You need to adjust the volume with physical button the actual phone.


    • Shortcode generator in post/page edit area (shortcodes for including player and player API available).
    • Option to use only mp3 format available.
    • FLASH fallback included for older browsers that dont support HTML5 audio.
    • Playlist options available
      • XML playlist (xml examples included)
      • DATABASE playlist (sql examples included)
      • Auto create playlist from folder of mp3 files (plus optional ID3 tags)
      • Podcasts
      • SoundCloud (track set, user tracks, single track, user favorites, user groups)
      • Youtube
      • Official FM (single track, playlist tracks, project tracks)
      • Inline text/image links
      • mixed playlists
    • Optional ID3 tags for songs loaded from folder
    • Mix different music types together into single playlist
    • optional song download for every individual playlist item
    • download backup for IOS (send download link to email)
    • Uninterrupted audio playback across web pages (popup player is a separate window and browse your website while listening to music without interuptions!
    • Multiple popup windows supported
    • optional auto open player in popup supported
    • switch between player in normal window and in popup window while keeping player settings like current playlist, active item, volume etc..
    • powerful API included.
    • load playlist / add track to playlist / play track from playlist on run-time
    • Include multiple instances on the same page.
    • Multiple instances automatically pause/stop playback when new sound is started.
    • Optional playlist scroll.
    • optional sortable playlist items
    • Optional playlist item link to url
    • Optional song artwork (auto generated audio thumbnails).
    • optional keyboard events for audio navigation
    • API methods available
      • Play audio
      • Pause audio
      • Toggle audio (play/pause)
      • Stop audio (unload)
      • Next audio
      • Previous audio
      • Load audio
      • Load playlist
      • Add visible/hidden track(s) to current playlist
      • Remove visible/hidden track(s) from current playlist
      • Input audio (play sound without creating any kind of playlist data)
      • Toggle shuffle
      • Toggle loop
      • Toggle playlist
      • Open popup
      • Destroy audio
      • Destroy playlist
      • Check scroll
      • Reinitialize scroll
      • Get/set volume
      • Get/set autoplay
      • Get/set title
      • Get thumbnail
      • Get Setup Done
      • get Playlist Transition
      • Get Playlist Loaded
      • Get Media Playing
      • get Audio inited
      • Get Media type
      • Get Active item
      • get Playlist item(s)
      • get Playlist hidden
      • get Playlist list
      • Get Media count
      • Get Playlist data
      • Get Sound ID
    • Playlist items ordering methods
      • Reverse playlist items
      • Randomise playlist items
      • Remap playlist items from array
      • Swap two playlist items position
  • API Callbacks
    • Setup Done
    • Playlist Loaded
    • Playlist End
    • Sound Play
    • Sound Pause
    • Sound Start
    • Sound End
    • Playlist Item Triggered
    • playlist Item Enabled
    • playlist Item Disabled
    • Playlist Item Rollover
    • playlist Item Rollout
    • on Playlist Empty
    • on Drop Receive

Youmax – YouTube Channel on your Website

Youmax 8.0 is a WordPress plugin used to display Channels, Videos and Playlists from YouTube & Vimeo on your WordPress website.

Built for One Purpose

“Increasing Views & Subscribers of your Channel!”

The Best of Youmax

1. Display multiple Channels, Playlists or Videos
2. Display Live Steams & Broadcasts
3. Support for YouTube Comments & Social Sharing
4. Dedicated Channel Search Provided
5. Widget Mode – for Side bars
6. Carousel Mode – with Pagination
7. Display Modes (3) – Popup / Inline / New Page
8. Ready to Use Themes provided (5)
9. Super Responsive & Customizable
10. ShortCode Generator & Visual Composer Ready
11. Hand Crafted Demos with Shortcodes (30+)
12. Translate to any Language
13. YouTube and Vimeo are supportted
14. If you need help, we will set it up for you – Free :)

You can become a GOLD Customer

If you purchase the plugin before 30 Aug 2015, we will consider you as a Gold Member!

Benefits: We have planned a 100% Customer directed release after August. We will accept all feature requests from Gold Members and the best 5 – 6 Features will be added in the Customer upgrade.

If there are many feature requests that benefit the plugin, we will also add them eventually in the next patch. Cheers :)

ChangeLog – Cum – Features


1. Added Support for Vimeo
2. Re-designed the ShortCode Generator and is provided in your WordPress Admin Console
3. Ready to Use Shortcodes are being provided with all the demos 30+
4. Upgraded Documentation provided in the Package
5. Visual Composer Ready


1. Added Video Descriptions and Statistics with Video Player
2. Video Gallery Mode
3. Added Clean Skin
4. Added Block Skin
5. Blue Skin upgraded
6. Playlists Search Added
7. Widget Mode
8. Live Streaming Support
9. Pagination & Carousel Mode
10. Translation Capability Added
11. Improved Tabs and Header Search UI
12. Bug fixes like time stamp bug etc.


1. Added new skin – Blue Contours!
2. Timestamp algorithm updated to support “x days ago”
3. Support for separate URLs for each video in “newpage” option
4. Added Search box for Channel
5. Support for displaying a featured video
6. Support for SSL sites (https for video embeds)
7. Feature for auto loading comments
8. Upgraded all skins


1. YouTube Comments for Videos
2. A Tab to display all playlists for a channel
3. Option to display Videos on a new page with comments
4. Other Options added like – display 1st video on load, auto-play videos etc.
5. Improved Skins


1. Tabs based on a Search criteria
2. Display videos either Inline or as a Popup
3. Drop Down in place of tabs for Mobile mode
4. A new skin for Youmax


1. Works on any device size (responsive + fluid)
2. Fancy layout (new grid + header)
3. Load more button for playlists
4. Improved lightbox popup for videos (responsive + fluid)
5. Optimized code overload (minified JS+CSS ~ 40KB)
6. Uses YouTube v3.0 API
7. Customize anything with CSS (or send us an Email)


MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin

What is MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin?

MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful responsive HTML5 mp3 player for your wordpress website that can be added at the top or bottom of the window, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android,Windows8. MSP supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks. There are five playlist types, the first playlist type is the normal type that allows to add tracks (mp3’s files) with a high degree of customization, the other four playlist types can be created with a single data source URL that can be loaded fromSoundcloud,, Podcast or generated from a folder with mp3 files. Packed with a huge amount of features like, external API, deeplinking, popup window and facebook share button, it is one of the most impressive HTML5 mp3 players available on sale.

MP3 Sticky Player WordPress Plugin main features:

Responsive layout.

Mobile and desktop optimized (iPad/IOS demo or Android demo!).

Only mp3 file required.

Uninterrupted audio playback across web pages (popup player in a separate window and browse the web while listening to music without interuptions!).

FLASH fallback included for older browsers that don’t support HTML5 audio.

Optional deeplinking (unique and sharable link for the current playlist and track).

SHOUTCAST support. Play your favorite online radio directly in the player, of course shoutcast playlists can be created with ease! (only mp3 stream supported).

Podcasts, and SoundCloud support.

Playlist from folder, create playlists from folders with .mp3 files plus ID3 metadatadetection.

Support for unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited tracks.

Optional playlist and playlist window selector.

Three type of hover effects for the playlist window selector thumbnails.

Optional playlist and playlist window selector auto open (the player can start with the playlist or playlist window selector visible or hidden).

Optional playlist item download mp3 buttons (this buttons can be removed/added globally or individually for each track).

Using the shortcode generator one or more MSP instances can be added in post, page, sidebar or theme.

Customizable playlist window selector thumbnails.

Playlist visible tracks limit (choose how many tracks to view in the playlist, the rest if any are scrollable).

Playlist loaded tracks limit (maximum number of tracks to be loaded).

The option to start at a specific playlist and track.

Powerful API included.

Start volume value.


Shuffle, loop or play next track once the current track has finished to play.

Optional track thumbnail (this can be disabled globally or individually for each track).

Playlist button (optional).

Playlist selector button (optional).

Shuffle button (optional).

Loop button (optional).

Optional download mp3 button located in the control bar (this button can be removed/added globally or individually for each track).

Facebook share button (optional).

Pop-up player button (optional).

Equalizer animation (optional).

Animated track title text if the text does not fit.

Eigth skins included.

Detailed documentation.

Full product support.

Admin panel video tutorial:

Special notes:

When viewing the player on a mobile browser the autoplay is set to false, also the volume bar is disabled. The skin is constructed from png files. On mobile devices is not possible to download mp3 files instead the download link will be sent to an email at your chosing. When the player is opened in popup the playlist if enabled it will be always visible.

Background Music Player

Background Music Player

This WordPress plugin allows you to play tracks and radio streams right on your WordPress website. This plugin has lots of useful options and can be fully customized.


Continuous playback in the popup

Continuous Playback popup feature allows website visitor to open player in the popup. You can customize popup window size, window background color and image and player colors.

Unlimited color schemes

Choose color for player background and buttons

4 built-in styles

Choose one of 4 built-in styles

Supports radio streams

Broadcast your favorite radio through your website

Custom playlists for pages and posts

Define specific tracks for each page or post

Auto-play and playlist repeat options

Automatically play music when page loads

Shuffle and tracks sort order option

Sort tracks as you wish

Cross-browser and mobile friendly

Compatible with all major browsers (even IE 7) and mobile devices (iPhone 4/5 , Windows Phone and Android)

Auto-include and shortcode options

Include player automatically or use shortcode

Usage this plugin on premium themes

If you would like to use this plugin on your premium themes, please, purchase 1 extended license for each theme.

Hover Effects Pack – WordPress Plugin


This hover effects pack plugin allows you to add image via shortcode, and set hover animation, text animation and text delay. This plugin adds new button to you WYSIWYG editor and options page, where you can select colors for color layer and text.



  • 10 hover effects
  • 10 text animation effects
  • 5 text delay options
  • Add shortcode button, that open popup dialog with options
  • Ability to change color of hover layer and text
  • Ability to add border radius (1 to 50) to all effects except Diagonal
  • Ability to set opacity (10% to 100% with step 10%) to all effects except Twist and Flip
  • SiteOrigin Pagebuilder and WPBakery Visual Composer integration

Image Effects

  • Fade
  • Stroke
  • Twist
  • Flip
  • Flow
  • Box
  • Stripe
  • Apart (vertical and horizontal)
  • Diagonal

Text Effects

  • Slide from left
  • Slide from right
  • Slide from top
  • Slide from bottom
  • Scale
  • Opacity
  • Rotation (both directions, 90 or 180 degrees)

Effects Preview








Apart Horizontal

Apart Vertical


Ultimate DJ Manager – WordPress plugin

Ultimate DJ Manager is a “Must-Have” wordpress plugin for DJs and producers. The plugin comes with 3 outstanding Applications: Soundcloud Player, MP3-Player in Flash with HTML5 fallback and a Gigs Scheduler.

Take a tour through the administration

WP admin
Username: demo
Password: demo

NOTE: You can not save the chances you make. It´s only for demonstration.



  • Supports your favorites tracks, users tracks, track sets and single tracks.
  • 2 different skins (Standard, Cover grid) and each with 4 different color schemes(Black, Blue, Green, Orange)
  • Runs on all iToys
  • AutoPlay option
  • Randomize playing


  • Multiple playlists
  • 3 different color themes
  • Includes a Flash version and a HTML5 version
  • Highy customizable via the administration
  • Connect each track to a download site or shop
  • Runs on all iToys(iPhone, iPad etc.)


  • Create a list of your next gigs
  • Each gig can have an own flyer/image
  • Link each gig to the event website


  • WordPresss 3 or higher
  • PHP 5 or higher

Sources & Credits

External libraries used in this plugin:


Thanks to…

Uber Audio WordPress plugin


Features & Benefits

  • In Post/Page Live Preview Über Audio Generator
  • Drag-N-Drop Playlist Sorting
  • Width Control Settings in Post/Page and Widget
  • Language Support for Spanish, Russian and German
  • Multi-Player Per-Page Support
  • Perfect solution for iOS and Android devices
  • HTML5 with a Flash fallback
  • Multiple playlist manager in WP Admin
  • Plays .Mp3, .Ogg, & .Wav files
  • Pick your accent color scheme
  • Dark and Light color schemes
  • Works great in all major browsers!
  • Check out the screenshots or our documentation
  • PSD’s included


The Über Audio WordPress plugin is designed to provide the ultimate listening experience from your post, page, sidebar or template. Über Audio allows you to put together a custom playlist quickly and easily. You can create beautiful players in seconds with the help of our Über Audio player generator. Within a few clicks you can have Über Audio players running on your site. You can store multiple playlists in the admin options of Über Audio and then select one playlist to display on each player. There’s no limit to the number of tracks you can add to your playlist. The design of Über Audio gives the user the ability to show or collapse the playlist for a simple viewing experience. Only have one track you want to play? Über Audio allows the admin to suppress the playlist view with one click.

Über Audio has been tested and is compatible with all major browsers. We’ve also tested mobile devices like iOS and Android.

For the best cross-browser compatibility it’s recommended to use .mp3 files. While Über Audio will play .ogg’s and .wav’s, for the best consistency across browsers use .mp3 files.

Über Audio has two different color schemes to choose from, a dark version and a light version. You also have the ability to adjust the primary and secondary colors with easy to use color pickers.

Über Audio supports 4 languages at this time. They are as follows: English, Spanish, Russian, and German.

If you like the Über Audio plugin, would you consider sharing the love with your friends? Send them a direct link to this page, or share it on your favorite social network.



  • Verified to work with WordPress 3.7.1
  • Update to WordPress 3.5 Uploader


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

v2.2 ::: 6/7/2012

  • Added dynamic URL validation option in playlist manager.
    (Now you can choose whether or not you want to validate your URL’s.)
  • Post/Page positioning bug fix.

v2.1 ::: 5/10/2012 NEW FEATURES VIDEO

  • Added Drag-n-drop tracks in playlist manager
  • Added width controls for Post/Page Uber Audio Generator and widget.

v2.0 ::: 2/25/2012

  • Ability for multiple players in a sidebar or post
  • Shortcode support with easy to use shortcode generator with a live preview of player.
  • Added the ability to hide playlist by default when a player loads.
  • Multi-byte character sets are no longer a problem.
  • Translations for Spanish, Russian, and German are now built-in. (more available upon request)
  • Improved playlist manager interface
  • Single file playlists will now not show the playlist at all in the player.
  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an audio file to not be accepted in the playlist manager in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that cause NaN:NaN to show up in the player under certain conditions.
  • UberAudio now works in version 3.2.1 and up of WordPress. (UberAudio works in versions as early as 3.0 but the shortcode generator will not work)

v1.1 ::: 01/24/2012

  • Multiple instances supported.
  • Fixed volume jumping back to full when switching songs
  • Fixed warning in admin about parameter being null