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Responsive Charts

‘Responsive Charts’ allows you to create HTML5 animated charts easily in WordPress.

  • 7 animated chart types using Charts.js
  • Allows for multiple charts on a single page
  • Fully customisable charts and tooltips
  • Multiple data sets for bar and line charts
  • Import data sets from CSV
  • Responsive

Animated Chart Types

  • Pie Chart
  • Doughnut Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Polar Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Bootstrap Progress Bars

Screen Shots

Pie Chart:

Doughnut Chart:

Bar Chart:

Line Chart:

Polar Chart:

Radar Chart:

Bootstrap Progress Bars:

Multiple Data Sets:


Import Data Sets:

Edit Chart:

PageLoader: A WP preloader with content slide-in

PageLoader: A WordPress preloader with content slide-in

PageLoader is a tiny, customizable WordPress plugin that gives all your posts and pages an animated loading screen. It also adds a nifty slide-in animation to all your content; as the loading screen fades away, your content slides down in anunobtrusive yet memorable way.

It’s a great and lightweight way to add spice to any WordPress theme. Simply install the plugin, and your site will instantly boast a little extra pizazz! :) Optionally, you cancolor customize the loading screen as well as the icon with just a few clicks, and give them both any color you choose. You can also choose from a selection of loading icons, change its size, speed and animation orientation, or use an image instead.

Other options include showing the loading screen on mobile devices only anddisabling the page slide-down animation.

The PageLoader screen can also be disabled on specified posts and pages.

And, it works everywhere. It’s been tested on desktop browsers along with a variety of iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Fantastic support

Should you have questions, you can rest easy in knowing we’ll be here to answer them in a speedy manner.

Media Library Categories Premium

Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library and filter on categories when inserting media. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library. You can change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.


  • add / edit / remove categories from media items
  • change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions
  • filter on categories in the media library
  • filter on categories when adding media to a post or page
  • filter on categories when creating galleries in the media library
  • taxonomy filter


Filter by category in the media library
use bulk actions to add and remove categories to multiple items at once
Filter by category in the media library

Manage categories in the media library Manage categories in the media library

Filter by category when inserting media Filter by category when inserting media